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The DesignCap Review Online Graphic Designer

Gone are the days when we had no other option than Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for our graphic design needs. Nowadays, there is a lot of online software available with many built-in features that make our work hassle-free. I was looking for free online graphic design software, so came across a site called DesignCap. What attracted me was that it was a 100% free website with no pricing structure. I couldn’t wait to try it, and it turned out to be awesome.

It has some cool features that made me write this article so that you can try it too. In today’s article, I’ll cover DesignCap and its features and give you a demo of the type of posters or flyers you can create. That being said, so let’s get started.

Features of DesignCap:
I’m going to go over the features of DesignCap in brief to get a feel for what you can do with it.
1.Design posters and flyers
2.Hundreds of ready-to-use templates
3.Thousands of royalty-free photos
4.Upload your photos or import from Facebook
5.Save your images in JPG or PNG format with transparent background (optional)
6.Save your project to work later
operation with DesignCap:
There are three simple and easy steps to create your poster.
1.Choose model,
2.Add items, and
Free registration:
First, visit the DesignCap website to register and create your DesignCap account. Click on the Register button at the top right.

Enter your email address and choose your password. You can also log in with Facebook for faster connections. Don’t forget to confirm your account from your email.
Access to the online editor:
Once your account is verified, so visit the DesignCap home page. Click Create Free Poster / Flyer.
This will take you to the online editor.
The good thing is that the user interface is simple and looks like the FotoJet user interface. If you have used the following software, so you can easily recognize it.
The problem is that the poster sizes are predetermined and cannot be changed. It measures 297 x 210 mm, approximately 29 cm (width) by 21 cm (height).
However, depending on your requirement, you can download it in the resolution you want. The available resolutions are:
1.Small: 793 x 1122 px
2.Medium: 1239 x 1753 px
3.Large: 1652 x 2337 px
4.XLarge: 2478 x 3506 px
Although this size is the standard size for making posters, so I think they might not be suitable for everyone and should have been flexible so that a user could customize it to suit the size they want. ‘He wishes. I searched a lot to find a way to change the dimensions but couldn’t find one.
Either way, here’s how to quickly design your poster with just a few clicks.
Choose your model:
You’ll find a Templates section with hundreds of free ready-made templates that you can add to your poster on the left.
If you browse through the models, so you will notice that they are not created by chance. They look professional and are suitable for most of your use cases. I found the templates section particularly useful. Similar professional models provided by other online graphic designers are chargeable. Designcap offers it for free.
Well, as of now, there are limited models available. Hope models will be added in the future.
Adding photos:
But wait, you can build your models with over 580,000 royalty-free images available in the DesignCap repository. Search for any term, and you’ll have access to thousands of stock images. When I mean archival images, I assure you that these are professional quality images that you can use as stock photos.
The ready-made templates and stock photos’ availability are my favorite reasons for recommending DesignCap as free online graphic design software for creating posters and flyers.
There are three ways to add images. You can either search the DesignCap image repository for free images that you can use or log in to your Facebook account to use your Facebook photos; otherwise, you can upload your photo.
For each image you add, you can crop and resize the image, duplicate, rotate and flip the image horizontally or vertically, move it up or down layers, apply filters to the image, and adjust opacity, exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue.
After importing the desired image, it’s time to import texts and clipart.
Adding clip art:
DesignCap provides a wide range of clip art, sorted by category that you can use in your poster. From a fun emoji to a birthday party, there are unique clipart images to suit any mood. You can combine different clip art to create unlimited combinations of images.
Addition of texts:
When it comes to adding texts, so you can choose to enter a title, subtitle, and body text. Below you’ll find a few text styles to choose from. However, it is limited compared to other online graphic designers that I have tried. For each text or text style you add, you can change its color. Color blocks are available to search for your favorite color combination with a mouse or enter your color code to select the desired color.
Adding backgrounds:
Finally, you can add the desired background to the image by choosing from some predefined backgrounds. Of course, you can choose any style and change the color later.
Here’s a little tip from my side: if you want to write text above an image, so first choose a black background for your project. Now upload your photo or search for it. After adding your picture, lower the opacity a bit. You will find that the image will start to fade, and the dark background below will begin to expose. Adjust the opacity you want and add your text above it. I assure you it will give you a better view of this image than just using the photo and applying text to it. I have done this to countless pictures I do every day, and it all turned out to be superb. Try it!
Either way, once you’re done editing, it’s time to export your image.
Export your photo:
Designcap offers several export methods.
If you want to upload your photo, so you can click the save button at the top and choose JPG or PNG as your upload option. If you wish to PNG, so it will optionally suggest keeping images with a transparent background. This option is advantageous if you are creating a logo and need a transparent background for the same.
You can also choose the desired resolution here.
Anyway, if you want to share your photo on social media, so you can do so directly from DesignCap, with the Share button.
It offers one-click sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and email. It lacks a popular option on Instagram, which is surprising!
DesignCap also offers to take a print of your image, click the print button, and open the printer interface to follow further instructions. You may also want to know InVideo reviews for online video editing.
Save your project for the future:
Finally, if you want to keep your project for future work, so you can click on the three dots and then click on the Save Project option. It will be saved as a DesignCap file so you can continue working on it using Adobe Photoshop or other graphic design software. You can load a saved project by clicking the load project option.
A reminder: do not close your browser if you have not yet completed your project. And, if possible, save your project offline. Indeed, once you log out, so your image will disappear forever. It is not stored in your account for later use. You can only access it if you save the—DesignCap file from the original project, so be careful.


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