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Quality Step By Step Home Painting

Home owning can sometimes become a hassle. The upkeep and maintenance alone can take valuable time out of your day that could be spent with family, friends, or on yourself. A very underestimated improvement is painting. The results are immediate, it is a simple task, and often times is affordable.

However, as stated before, it still is a timely task, especially if done right…and who wouldn’t want their valuables taken care of properly. In this case it may be best to contact a local professional.

If you are a landlord, the same applies to you. Looking for an affective, affordable, improvement? Painting is your answer. If you are worried about time, quality, whether you can or even want to paint the interior or exterior of your home, your fences, porches, or patios, then stop stressing over it! Tallahassee Painters Pro is perfectly suitable for any painting job you have and eager to take on the challenge! They follow their own Golden Standard in Painting and follow these guidelines below.

Tallahassee Painters Pro insist on first buying quality paint. Quality paint is the starting point to a quality painting project. Go to your local Home Depot for Behr paint, or a Sherwin-Williams store, or even online to find some Benjamin Moore or PPG paints!

Picking the right color, type, and transparency can be a hassle unless you have as much experience as Tallahassee Painters Pro does! You want a color and transparency that shows your true interest and character. A brighter color can mean a happier environment where as a darker color may seem more work oriented or serious.

Next is preparation: lie down a drop cloth and cover any and all furniture or items that could get paint on them and cannot be moved out of the room.

The next step would be to cut in all outlines, borders, corners, and hard to reach spots. In doing this you will want to apply a thicker coat of paint for you will not be coming back over this area again with another coat. In order to coat properly you must “dance” your brush like a professional at Tallahassee Painters Pro would. Hold your brush like a pencil and let the brush do the work for you. Press directly down and let the bristles form a circular shape. Swipe from side to side or with the groove of the item that you are painting.

After your cut-ins you are ready to fully paint. Get your roller and roll from top to bottom. In doing so your excess paint will run down and will help spread the paint. Keep in mind: several thinner coats are going to have a better outcome than one heavy coat.

As the paint dries you will need to touch up any areas that are in need of doing so. We choose to do this at this time so that the paints do not dry at different consistencies.

After you and the home owner are satisfied you can begin your thorough clean up. It is always good moral to try to leave the place better than the way it was when you arrived. Scrub any paint that may have splattered somewhere it was not supposed to. Remove the drop cloths and coverings. Wash ALL of your tools and brushes thoroughly and prepare them for the next use. Thank your customer and leave knowing you did the best you could and by doing so had a successful artistic painting project.


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