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MBBS in Egypt – Cairo University

Egypt is increasingly becoming a popular study MBBS in Abroad destination. You can see that students from all corners of the world are studying various courses and are starting to take courses such as MBBS. Students from Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Africa, Mauritius, UK, Dubai, Nigeria, India, and other countries joined and were admitted to different universities across Egypt.

  1. Popular Tourist Destination

Egypt is a country with a long and diverse culture and history, with a long history behind it. Not only that, but it is also a popular tourist destination, with thousands of tourists visiting here every year. Egypt has powerful pyramids and fascinating scenic spots, with ancient charm, attracting many tourists from all over the world. In its attractive environment, Egypt also has well-known colleges and universities, which are known for the best educational opportunities to reach the world level.

  1. Learning Opportunities in Egypt

For those who seek the MBBS program in this mysterious land, as well as their academic knowledge, learning opportunities in Egypt also give people the opportunity to get close to the vast Egyptian culture and also have the opportunity to conduct in-depth research on it. You will have the opportunity to understand the ways of Middle Eastern culture, including political knowledge, historical background, and economic system.

  1. Scholarship Programs in Egypt 

Egypt is also developing high-quality education providers at all levels and providing multidisciplinary exchanges for all students. In addition, the cost of education is very affordable, and first-class facilities are provided. Many scholarship programs are provided to give students the opportunity to study at a preferential price. Many countries, including the Middle East and Africa and some Asian countries, send their students to MBBS in Egypt for regular and scholarship programs.

  1. Top University in Cairo

These are several universities of MBBS in Egypt that provide high-quality education. Egypt has a broad historical background, I believe it has a good educational background and has a number of universities, which provide students with a solid foundation of education courses. Among the famous universities in Egypt, Cairo University is one of such educational centres. It is considered the oldest university and enjoys the reputation of being a top university in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

  1. About Cairo University

This first-class university was founded in 1908 and has been playing a role in providing high-quality education that meets world standards ever since. This university has earned itself a global reputation and we are known as the top university in Egypt. It is located in the historic city of Giza. Compared with other smaller educational institutions, it has been successfully developed and its mission is to provide the best education, research, and cultural knowledge to not only locals but also overseas students.

  1. Become Medical Graduates from Cairo University

The main purpose of the university is to provide international students with standards of excellence in the fields of education, medical technology, business, and research or community service. It is currently the largest and oldest university and has a famous name not only in Egypt but also in Ernst countries in Africa and the Middle East. The college was established in 1827 to provide education for many young students aspiring to become medical graduates.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree, Graduate Diploma, and Master’s Degree

The college is distributed in 35 departments and specializes in various important gods in the field of medicine. The total duration of medical research requires approximately 5 years and one year of training time. The degrees offered by universities include bachelor’s degree, graduate diploma, master’s degree, and doctorate degree. In schools, if these degrees use the English language as a learning medium, teachers have to achieve certain goals.


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