Home Real Estate Key Home Features Are Important for Buyer

Key Home Features Are Important for Buyer

Key Home Features Are Important for Buyer

Despite recent political and economic fluctuations, leading market experts believe that real estate will remain an attractive investment asset. Buyers and investors want to invest in liquid properties and buy real estate that would meet current trends and in the future would be quoted on the market higher than other properties.

The preferences of potential clients are important to real estate professionals, investors, developers, realtors, appraisers, as they design and sell real estate, focusing on the requirements and needs of buyers and investors. In this article, we’ve covered the main features of homes that buyers are looking at today. https://www.realestateallturkey.com/

1. Functional areas for everyday needs

According to recent research, it is important for customers to have ancillary facilities or functional areas that would meet their daily household needs. For example, having room to dry, iron and sort linen and clothes is a huge advantage for residents, as it avoids clutter in living rooms.

The same applies to dress rooms or areas. They allow owners to store their clothes, shoes and accessories in one place. In addition to keeping things organized,
owners don’t need to clutter living rooms with bulky closets.

2. Energy efficiency

This property characteristic is one of the most important for buyers and investors because it directly affects the operating costs and allows you to save money in the future. How is it?

Energy efficiency allows the rational use of energy resources needed to produce products and provide services. In addition to reducing costs, it has a positive impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. In recent years, Istanbul architects have been optimizing their efficiency when designing buildings by introducing renewable energy technologies, which leads to the creation of buildings with zero energy consumption.

Indoors, efficiency is enhanced by the installation and use of energy-efficient lighting and
appliances in the kitchen and bathrooms, windows, doors,
heating and cooling systems. Thermal insulation
is currently the best way to improve energy efficiency by
reducing the heat flow between the room and the outside.
With thermal insulation, temperature differences are no longer reflected so
critically on utility bills. In addition to thermal insulation,
in modern residential projects, close attention is paid to both
noise and electrical insulation.

3. Modern technologies

Modern technology is changing our way of life and even affecting home improvement. The “smart home” system – a current trend in the real estate market – is a home control system that allows residents to automatically control temperature and lighting, control devices and appliances remotely using a smartphone or other devices connected to the Internet.

This home automation system is beginning to be actively used in the design and construction of many real estate projects. The range of their functions is very extensive, they can even study the owner’s work schedule and adjust their work to it, following the given instructions. As for security functions, one of them, for example, is a “smart” doorbell, which allows owners to see and communicate
with people who come to them when the owners are not at home.

Experts argue that the system if desired by homeowners,
can reduce maintenance costs by reducing
energy consumption. For example, they can reduce the average daily
electricity consumption.

4. Common area

Today, large residential complexes compete with each other, significantly expanding the range of services and amenities provided in their common areas. Previously, they could not even imagine such a variety, but now the residents are offered a wide range of services: from fitness centres to services for the care and walking of pets, as well as special land plots for growing eco-vegetables. In an effort to stand out from the competition, developers are bringing diverse and unique services to their residential projects.

Some construction companies are starting to build complexes so large that they look more like separate neighbourhoods. At the same time, these complexes have such a well-developed internal infrastructure that residents can comfortably live inside these “micro districts”, without even leaving them, since
inside there are all the
objects necessary for everyday life. Of course, such conditions are
not suitable for everyone, but many will like such comfort.


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