Important Things for Seasonal Workers’ Visa Applications in Singapore


Singapore has a highly developed independent economy and namely the second most prospering economy in the world. With a great tax system, also excellent job opportunities, and high salaries. So on, Singapore engages a substantial number of foreign workers who apply for a Singapore work visa.

Moreover, speaking of the Lion City, the authorities in place of the work visa released something called a work pass which allows foreigners to take up permanent or temporary work in the country.

As per the regulations of the work pass, the employers who attract foreign workers in Singapore must give them a salary for their service, keep a security bond as well as give them health insurance.

Short-term Work Visa for Singapore

Foreign employees who have a short-term Visit Pass to Singapore normally cannot do any job-related activities. However, in some cases (such as in the case of speakers or journalists at social events), the holder can apply for a Miscellaneous Work Pass. It enables the holder to work for not more than 60 days.

Foreign students who are studying in the country who have a Study Visa can do work-related activities if they meet specific requirements, such as being in enrollment at an accredited educational institution.

Work Permits and Employment-Based Visas

Foreigners settling into Singapore need a work permit, employment visa, or Personalized Employment Pass Singapore visa instead of a business visa to legally take up employment in Singapore. Fortunately, there is a diverse range of work visas and permits to explore. These passes are usually only valid for two years and acquiring one does not make you a permanent resident.

Work Visa Requirements

If you want to become eligible for a Singapore work visa, you need to:

  • only work within the scope of your role
  • be qualified for the position (with supporting documents from reliable institutions)
  • be at least 18 years old
  • hold a valid passport

All employees must guarantee that they have a relevant work visa like Employment Pass or Personalized Employment Pass Singapore visa. If you are shifting with an agency, that company should be able to help with the requirements. If they do not, then professional foreigners will often need one of the following visas:

Work Permits

Available for semi-skilled workers in the entertainment, construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process, or services sectors.
S Pass – For mid-skilled employees who will earn at least S$2,400 every month and meet the assessment criteria. Valid for up to two years.

Employment Pass

For foreign professionals, managers, directors, and executives who will earn at least S$3,600 every month and have related qualifications. Valid for up to two years.

Documents Needed

If you’re applying for an S Pass, Employment Pass, or Personalized Employment Pass Singapore visa, your employer needs to submit some documents and papers on your behalf. They will have to ask to provide:

  • Proof of your qualifications, such as a certificate from college
  • Registration documents for the company
  • A scanned copy of your passport photo page

There are some particular requirements for candidates from India and China which are specified on the Singapore Government website. If documents are not written in English, they need to be translated by a registered translation agency or a notary. In some circumstances, you will need to sign the application personally to complete your submission.

Aside from the documents, your employer or employing company should be properly registered with the immigration authorities. When it comes to S Pass, your company must apply within the quota limits set out. The process that the employers need to take is set out on the Singapore Government website, and as several businesses bring in talents to Lion City, your company or their staff will likely be familiar with this process.

Need help?

Applying for a Work Permit, S Pass, Employment Pass, or Personalized Employment Pass Singapore scheme is comparatively more challenging than a Student visa for Singapore tourist visa and even minute errors can lead to getting your visa declined by the High Commission. To make sure you get your Singapore work visa successfully, it is best to ask for the help of an experienced visa agency.

Ren Ai Group is an expert when it comes to Singapore’s Immigration laws and Regulations. With efficient services provided by our experienced visa agents, we provide our clients with swift and effortless processing of S Pass, Employment Pass, or Personalized Employment Pass Singapore visa. Visit our website or give us a call to discuss how we can help you with your visa application.


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