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How to Crossout in Discord?

One of the most common questions that people ask is how to crossout text in Discord. The good news is that there are simple formatting tools available in the app. You can use the double ” tilde character to strikethrough text or a single asterisk before and after the text. You can also add bold text by placing an asterisk before and after each word. Then, you can choose whether or not you want the text to be italicized or underlined. The same method applies if you are using a mobile device.

If you want to strikethrough text in Discord, you will need to use the markdown syntax. Markdown is a text formatting language that enables you to insert symbols and characters that add flavor to your messages. On PCs, the tilde symbol is located below the Esc key, while on mobiles, you can find it in the symbols menu. This will make it easy for you to add the tilde symbol in your messages.

Strikethrough Text in Discord

To strikethrough text in Discord, you will need to press Shift + Tilde keys to access the Context Menu. On US English keyboards, you should press Shift + Tilde to strikethrough text. However, different languages may have a different combination for this. To use two tildes at the beginning and end of a word, use two tildes. Doing so will strikethrough all text in Discord.

Depending on the platform you use, you may have to experiment with various methods to hit the right combination of keys to achieve the desired effect. For example, you can select the ‘B’ key to make the text bold or italic. If you want to make text italicized, press ‘I’ on your keyboard. Likewise, the ‘G’ icon will turn text italic. In Discord, the tilde symbol is available from the context menu.

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Use A Keyboard Shortcut

The basic method to strike out text in Discord is to use a keyboard shortcut. The Shift + Tilde key combination on the US English keyboard will do the job. If you use a PC, you should click on ‘B’ to make the text bold. To strike out a text, you can click ‘I’ to strike through the word. You can even enter the text in italics.

You can use the ‘B’ icon to strike out text in Discord on your PC. Italics can also be used if you’re on a mobile device. You can create bold and italicized text using the ‘I’ symbol, or you can choose ‘B’ to italicize a specific word or phrase. Alternatively, you can simply enter a word in the normal way.

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Basic Feature in Discord

Using strikethrough is a basic feature in Discord. Many people aren’t aware that they can do this, but this feature is incredibly helpful for many users. The tilde symbol is the most basic way to cross out text in Discord. You can also add a tilde symbol after a word to highlight a paragraph or word. The tilde is an important part of the markup process, and can help you to write more concise messages.

When using strikethrough in Discord, you can make the text appear as bold or italicized. To do this, simply press the ‘bold’ key in the first line. This will cause your text to be underlined. Then, you can type in the word in bold and italicized. In either case, you can use strikethrough to make your comments appear as underlined or bold.

Another Feature

Another basic Discord feature is strikethrough. This is a way to format text in Discord by adding punctuation marks. It will also make it easier to crossout text in other places. If you want to use strikethrough in Discord, you can just hit the “strikethrough” button and then make the word underlined. It will then be displayed in the highlighted area. This way, your texts will be displayed in bold when they’re underlined.


Another basic feature is text markup. This is the process of applying a style to your Discord correspondence. You can add color, bold, or italicize words. If you need to crossout, you can use the Alt/Option keys. In the Discord mobile app, you can simply hit the [key] key. Once you have a strikethrough key, your text will look like bulleted text.

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