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Going Blank In Examination Has A best one Solution

Goodbye memory.

One of the most frustrating situations in life is to go blank at the worst moment. Unfortunately, we only undergo this transformation into amoeba in the worst moments, because when we are alone and calm in our house we are the sea of eloquent, although we do not serve for anything.

Why is this happening to me?

The root cause of this dreaded sudden memory loss is stress, and it appears to be related to the production of a hormone called corticosterone that we release during times of high stress. The good news is that knowing the causes we can also know the solution.

Because some people are more prone to stress than others. Logically, some have a greater predisposition to blank out. But that does not mean that it cannot happen to anyone at any given time. Going blank is considered normal and not a clinical pathology. On the other hand, the fact that we have a natural tendency to stress doesn’t mean that we are hopelessly doomed to school failure. But rather that we must develop a series of extra skills to combat this tendency.


If the exam we are going to face gives us more fear than normal. Or if we are often blank, then it is best not to do the cousin and prepare the exam well and with enough time. You can also cheap ghostwriters to hire your assignment projects. The best way not to go blank is to be sure of our knowledge. And to be sure, the best thing is that we can have a colleague or a friend who asks us questions that we must answer out loud. You know: if you can explain it, you know it.

Previous exercise.

Another very useful trick is to leave that last review that we do just before the exam. And that what it usually does is stress us even more and replace it with a little physical exercise. We have said it many times: combining exercise and study is the best way to make exams come out perfectly. Keep in mind that when doing sports your brain secretes endorphins, which make you feel good, which protect and repair your neurons, also making you think more clearly.


Learning and practicing relaxation and meditation techniques will also be very helpful to avoid going blank. With ten minutes that we practice a day, we will perform more and it will be more relaxing. But the most important thing is that we will be able to do it on the exam if we see that we start to get very nervous. In addition, any meditation technique that works includes breathing techniques that will help us oxygenate our brain.

Conditioned reflexes.

Despite being one of the most useful techniques, it is something that we will have to work on for a while so that it begins to serve us. It is about doing to ourselves what Pavlov did to his poor dog; that is, creating a false reflection for ourselves by association.

Aristotle said that when two things usually happen together, the appearance of one will bring the other to mind and that is precisely what we must do. And make two things happen together so that one reminds us of the other. If every time we do meditation or we finish doing sports or we just feel happy and relaxed. We make a small gesture (such as putting the tips of the index and thumb fingers together, touching our hair, crossing our fingers, or anything else simple). With time, both sensations will be associated in our heads. Therefore, we can control our stress and feel good just by doing that gesture.

Achieving it only requires some patience and perseverance. But if we get to it, in a few months it will get controlled. Can you imagine how useful it would be able to do it in the middle of an exam when the possibility of going blank is making us heartbroken? Well, that, everything is a matter of commitment and practice. And let’s not forget that all these headaches and sacrifices will have been worth it.

Cheer up everyone with those exams!


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