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5 Wedding Stage Flower Decoration You Will Fall In Love With

Weddings are extremely special, not just because it’s one of the grandest events in your life but also because it’s the beginning of a whole new beautiful chapter of your life. It’s the start of the rest of your life. Therefore, it’s very obvious for you to want it to be perfect- from your outfit to your hairstyle, from your makeup to your nails, from the jewelry to the shoes, from the guest list to the party favors, from the grand entrance of the venue to the wedding backdrop, from the wedding stage to the tables, from food to the music, you want every single thing to be perfect and that’s justified.

After all, you have been dreaming about this particular day since you were a little kid, isn’t it? Chances are, for years now you have pictured in your mind how you want your wedding to be. And we get why you wouldn’t want to settle for anything less than that. This is your fairytale moment- this is your happily ever after!

Talking of the wedding stage, it is a big deal, especially nowadays with everyone wanting their wedding decor to look just perfect for their social media pictures. Everyone wants their wedding to be called “#weddinggoals” and to go viral on the internet. With the wedding stage being one of the most important parts of the wedding as this is the place where the bride and the groom are going to be during the wedding. Therefore, almost all the wedding pictures will have this as well. The couple wants it to look gorgeous and just perfect. After all, wedding pictures are for a lifetime and you don’t want to look at them later. And also regret having a not-so-good-looking wedding stage which might have even spoiled the pictures. Thus, the wedding stage is important. Period.

Keep it simple or go royal

It’s totally up to you how you want the wedding stage to look. For inspiration you can choose images from Pinterest, Google, or your wedding planner, or you can imagine the best possible wedding stage and bring it to life with the help of your wedding planner. If your whole wedding theme is that of a very soft and simple kind, then go for a simple and elegant type of decor for the wedding stage. If your wedding theme is all about being royal, then go grand with the wedding stage. Make it look like it was made for royalty and nothing less.

For a simple wedding stage, you can include some soft color fresh flowers like pink and white Roses, Peonies, Lilies, etc., and a bit of light color draping. And for the royal one, you can choose bright color flowers, lots of drapes, lights and even fireworks. Make it the most beautiful piece of decor in your whole wedding.

Go red and white for a royal and glamorous look

There’s no other color that’s more royal than the color red. Especially when it’s paired with ever so gorgeous and classy color white. This color combo is just like you and your partner together- a match made in heaven. Therefore, if your theme for the wedding is everything royal, this is the color theme you should go for. Include lots of lightwork as well, there’s nothing too much light, especially when it comes to a royal-themed wedding. The more the lights, the better it is.

You can also buy red rose flowers online to avoid the hassle of getting fresh best quality roses at a reasonable price during the wedding season.

Go pink and white for a soft and classy look

Pink looks lovely and together with white, it just looks extremely dreamy and classy. Whether you are going for simple wedding decor or a grand one, this color combination is perfect for both. If it’s the former then use fewer flowers and simpler arrangements, whereas if it’s the latter then you have to go for more flowers and less simple arrangements. Keep it simple yet give it a luxurious look.

Choose a trusted florist in Mumbai or whichever city your wedding will be taking place in to get the amazing fresh wedding flowers. Make sure your wedding stage is breathtakingly gorgeous-something that everyone at the wedding will forever remember. Plus, who knows? Your wedding stage decor might just make your wedding a trending topic on social media too with thousands of people talking about it. And also saving it as “wedding decor inspiration” for their wedding or a loved one’s. Happy wedding decor planning!


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