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5 Business Benefits of Using Your Own Vehicle In Your Food Delivery Services

Food businesses have been among the top-rated ventures since Day 1. Don’t ask when that Day 1 was because the writer is also unsure. What’s certain is that food is a basic human necessity, which is also a huge want most of the time. That is the main reason why food is never a bad idea when you plan to start up a business! On top of that, the power of the food delivery services has become food entrepreneurs’ strong edge! How and why?

People love food besides needing it, however, in this day and age, everyone has turned a little busier than ever before. Sometimes, you cannot cook food at home even if you have them stocked in the fridge, and that’s because you are busy with online classes, with home-based work or with parenting. There are cases when it’s lazing, difficult or not allowed for you to leave your residence. Due to such circumstances, you just order online or call a fast food restaurant or a known viand store for food delivery. Here, you’ve seen the rewards of food delivery for consumers.

Now, how about for sellers? Of course, food delivery services provide a commendable helping hand. They lessen and improve the job for hands-on entrepreneurs. Oftentimes, if you want their services, you will need to create a contract with them and ensure that they, especially their delivery riders, are reliable and trustworthy! 

But did you know? You can also use your own car, van or motorcycle to deliver your products, and you can be the driver too! There could be some sacrifices you’d need to make, such as your personal time and your vehicle’s condition, but find out why it is worthwhile! Check out these 5 business benefits of using your own vehicle in your food delivery services to know more! 

1 – Earn Delivery Fees. 

Earn Delivery Fees.

When you do the food delivery services yourself, you will earn delivery fees. That means extra income! These charges depend on the location to which you will be sending the orders to. Even nearby locations have delivery fees. You can do free delivery offers as you see fit, but most of the time, you also have to charge for delivery services because you are using a vehicle that uses fuel and that needs refueling. Some customers also give generous tips! 

2 – Don’t Double Your Expenses.

Don’t Double Your Expenses.

It is totally advantageous to get help from a food delivery company, however, if you don’t want to double your expenses, use your own vehicle instead. 

Come to think of it. You pay extra to that company as they charge you and your customers. You get charged for various considerations and agreements as well. When you yourself directly deliver your customers’ food, you avoid doubling your expenditures, and you add profit to your own tank!

3 – You Can Decorate or Customize It As You Please.

In planning and executing marketing strategies, you have to be creative. From the interiors to the exteriors of your stores, and from your offline to your online presence, you must aim to catch people’s attention in a positive way! 

Nowadays, vehicles are also used for advertising pursuits, and you can take advantage of that if you use your own car for your food delivery services. Because it is yours, you can decorate or customize your vehicle as you please for it to represent your brand! 

Paying for social media ads and physical billboards or tarpaulins is quite expensive. You might not be very familiar with digital ads and how to acquire them if you are not so techy. Moreover, you will need to pay for spaces where the poster ads will be stationed! 

Utilizing your own vehicle allows you to cut those costs. You can maximize all the economical possibilities while enjoying the freedom to do a makeover on your car all you want and need!

Spread the word about your food business through your own vehicle. Drive it wherever you want too! 

4 – Give A More Personalized and Connected Customer Service Experience.

Give A More Personalized and Connected Customer Service Experience.

Establishing good relationships with your customers is very important! This is part of an outstanding customer service, which is also a factor that determines their loyalty towards your business. 

If you use your own car and drive it to your customers’ houses, you can give them a more personalized customer service experience since it’s you, the owner, who makes time to cater to their food requests. You can nurture friendly communication and strengthen your connection with them. Aside from having a seller-buyer linkage, you can form healthy friendships as well! What a heartwarming boon! 

In case you have your own drivers, still, you can instruct them about how you want your customers to be treated like kings and queens, which you cannot fully tell third-party food delivery staff. 

5 – Enjoy Tax Depreciation Benefits.

Don’t think that you are on the losing side when you use your own car for your food delivery services just because you will get tired and your vehicle gets exhausted. Why? Because you can be entitled to tax depreciation claims in the future, which is a fantastic return!

Yes, you may reduce the costs because of tax depreciation benefits. When you use your private car for business aims, provided that it fulfills the legal tax depreciation directives, you can be a prospective tax depreciation benefactor!  


Some food entrepreneurs who are also private vehicle owners are hesitant to use their private transportation to deliver their products to their customers. But hopefully, you have been enlightened and encouraged by the above-mentioned points about how you can also stand in good stead when you choose do to this! 

Again, although there are some things you might need to put in more effort for, still, the benefits of driving your private vehicle and delivering food orders yourself are commendable! 



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