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10 top tourist destinations in Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the world's most stunning. Moreover, in 2013, the beauty of this country came to a total of 25,7 million Foreign visitors. Explore Malaysia' stop ten tourist attractions. Also, find the best places to visit here, which you do not skip. Plan your journey earlier to make your holiday enjoyable. Further, decide where you want to go, where to do things, where to stay, and how to get there.

  1. Taman Negara 

Exploring Taman Negara's genuinely tropical life. A prideful heritage is predicted from the world's oldest rainforest, the Virgin Rain Forest 130 million years old. So, enjoy your tension and relax in the most stunning natural scenery. Furthermore, Taman Negara National Park is the ideal location for those who enjoy the wilderness, jungle cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, camping, etc. It is well known as one of Malaysia's most popular ecotourism. Also, Taman Negara attracts every year thousands of travelers from around the world. There is an average temperature of 30°C (86°F) in a tropical humid climate. Besides, it is open all year long.

  1. Perhentian Islands 

Perhentian Islands are world-famous for their crystal clear beaches and water throughout the world. Besides, the island and coral are relatively untouched and popular tourist stops across Malaysia and this part of Asia. So, play and walk along the soft white beach, in areas with plenty of broken corals. Moreover, the sea is turquoise, with a clear crystal clear view, making Perhentian Island the best place to snorkel in Malaysia. Although, you can dive, snorkel, beach-play, and kayak all day long.

  1. Cameroon Highlands 

Cameron Highlands has a mild climate with temperatures as high as 25 celsius, with a slightly lower level than 12 celsius. It has a size of 5,000 ft. and is about twenty km east of Ipok, 150 km north of Kuala Lumpur. So on, there are several tea plantations at Cameron Highlands and the largest tea production area establish. Additionally, the region recognizes for supplying Malaysia and Singapore with a big supplier of vegetables.

  1. Tioman Island 

Tioman is an island off the eastern shore of Malaysia's Peninsula. Further, the wonders of the waters and corals of all kinds and colors surround it at 32 nautical miles from Pahang State. Also, the tropical forest is surrounded by around 12,000 hectares with numerous mountain streams and cascades. As one of the most stunning islands in the world in the 70s, Time Magazine picked Tioman. So on, in several categories, including families with small children, luncheons, scuba divers, rockery, and explorers, Tioman is great for visitors. So, you can enter the island directly by air from KLIA or by land to Mersing jetty or Kuala Rompin by ferry to the island.

  1. Mount Kinabalu 

The highest peak in South East Asia, Mount Kinabalu with its height of 4,095m is one of Asia's most popular climbing destinations. It is also one of the world's safest and most triumphant peaks. Located 85km northeast and as far away from the west coast of Kota Kinabalu. The biodiversity, vegetation, and geology of this World Heritage. Besides many others such as orangutans, and fine dive sites, Mount Kinabalu is one of the major attractions in Sabah.

  1. Langkawi 

In the Andaman Sea, on Malaysia's Westerly coast, Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands. In addition, the magnificent nature of this island has white beaches, jungle-covered hills, and paddy fields. The legend of Mahsuri is also famous. If you have limited time to spend in Langkawi, pick many places to do, including Island Hopping at Dayang Bunting and Pulau Payar Marine Park, Gunung Mat Chingcang, Mangrove River Cruise, Crocodile Farm, and many more, for example, the steepest cable car in Gunung Mat Chingcang, Mangrove River Cruise and other activities.

  1. Penang 

George Town is a city of UNESCO World Heritage, architecture, and culture special place. To this day, it conserves many colonial buildings. In your limited exploration time, there are so many areas to cover. Some places are worth noting, including Penang Hill, the Temple of Snake, Kek Lok Si Temple, the Temple of Dhammikarma Burmese, War Chaiyanabgalaram, the Temple of Gurney, and Batu Feringgi. Also popular as a food paradise is Penang. So, you will taste some of Penang Rojak, Pasembur, Char K way Teow, Asam Laksa, Nasi Kandar, and many others.

  1. Malacca 

The city of Malacca is UNESCO World Patrimony. Malacca, a state rich in history and tourism, is one of Malaysia's smaller states. You can see various places of history, such as Christ Church, Stadthuys, St. Paul's Hill, Dutch Fort, Portuguese City, etc. It is situated 145 kilometers from Kuala and 240 kilometers from Singapore. It is easily reached via the PLUS Highway, making Singaporeans, foreign tourists, and local tourists are popular destinations.

  1. Putrajaya 

Putrajaya has been established in 1999 by the Federal Management Center of Malaysia. The town includes all government offices including the Office of the Prime Minister. This is Malaysia's greenest area, with its modern and unique architecture and structure with a surface of 650 hectares. Boat cruises are a must in the Putrajaya region, where most of the lovely scenery can be found through the beautiful waters and humid areas. The Botanical Garden or Agriculture Heritage Park of Putrajaya has tropical plants, including traditional crops such as rubber, palm oil, pig fruit, cacao, herbs, and species.

  1. Kuala Lumpur 

The capital city is Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia's largest gateway. It connects with the world via its famous International Airport Kuala Lumpur, which is approximately 40 km from the City Centre. The center of Malaysia's economy and culture in Kuala Lumpur. In Kuala Lumpur, there is a lot you can do, from the famous Petronas Twin Tower to the Dataran Merdeka Sultan Abdul Samad History Building. See Batik printing and visit Batu Caves.


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